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Lindsay’s multiple dwelling unit broadband  distribution amplifier is a full featured two-way 1GHz indoor station capable of 50dBmV output wit

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LHA41RM: 1GHz High Gain MDU Amplifiers


Lindsay’s multiple dwelling unit broadband

distribution amplifier is a full featured two-

way 1GHz indoor station capable of 50dBmV

output with superior distortion characteristics

and low noise.


Model LHA41RM is a TOUGH indoor MDU

amplifier specifically designed for broadband

distribution systems in apartment buildings, hotels,

schools, hospitals and similar facilities having specific high RF amplification requirements. Designed to mount directly to a wall with increased heat dissipation properties and low power consumption this amplifier runs cool

and reduces operational costs. Flexible two-way diplex filter options and the latest GaAs – Fet Push Pull technology provide superior distortion performance and low noise to 1GHz.


• Aluminum die-cast, wall-mountable housing

• Designed for superior heat dissipation

• Rated ingress protection (IP)54, against dust and water

• Temperature cycled, -10ºC to +55ºC (+14ºF to +131ºF)

• GaAs-Fet push-pull for high output, low distortions

• 41 dB gain forward, 18 dB gain reverse

• JXP type equalizer and attenuators for complete control

• Forward and reverse, -20 dB test points

• Surge protection of 6kV on all ports

• Designed for -100 dB EMI isolation

• Self-powered, available in 117 and 230 voltage AC

• Diplex Filters avaiable in 42/54, 65/85 and 85/105MHz


Technical Specifications

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